A rich heritage,
a bright future

Excerpta Medica has been delivering innovative medical communications for over 65 years. The foundations that make us strong are enduring. Everything we deliver for our clients is supported by four pillars.

We have expertise in key therapeutic areas, based on a strong track record with leading brands

Quality? Global reach? We’ve got it covered

We have the proven ability to effectively and efficiently manage the logistics and delivery of communication concepts

Our people know medical communications inside and out

Edward Roos, Managing Director

Edward Roos is the Managing Director of Excerpta Medica. He joined the agency in 2003 as Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing. He has more than 12 years’ management experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries working in New Zealand and Europe for Lederle/Cyanamid Laboratories, AstraZeneca, and Serono. Edward has extensive international marketing experience (including direct-to-consumer campaigns) that spans the product lifecycle, and has worked on a number of blockbuster drugs including Losec®, Symbicort®, Oxis®, and Nexium®.


In 2004, Edward was appointed President of Excerpta Medica. In his role he has been instrumental in continuously shaping the agency to meet the demands of an evolving industry. “Excerpta Medica has a great future,” observes Edward. “As the pharmaceutical industry is changing and adapting, we’re constantly innovating to create unique services to ensure our clients continue to lead in their markets.”


His drive to exceed client expectations is apparent throughout the organization. “Excerpta Medica delivers high-quality work and high-quality results. No matter what type of project it is, as soon as we say yes, we aim to deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations.” How does he keep his team motivated? “We’re constantly innovating, introducing new products – most recently in the areas of evidence-based medicine services, e-learning and interactive solutions. Excerpta Medica is a fast-paced, highly stimulating environment, which is why we’re able to attract such high-caliber people.”


In addition to a degree in economics from The University of Waikato in New Zealand, Edward has postgraduate education in marketing, marketing communication, and finance.

Tim Norris, Group Director

Tim Norris is responsible for client services at Excerpta Medica, including publication planning, medical education, custom publishing, e-learning, and interactive solutions. He has a BSc and a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Nottingham in the UK, and conducted postdoctoral research in neuroscience at the University of California in the USA. Tim joined Excerpta Medica after a period working for contract research organizations where he was responsible for directing the design and conduct of studies for regulatory purposes.


Tim has a proven track record of developing and managing publication plans, and extensive experience working with blockbuster products used in cardiovascular and hematological oncology, orphan diseases, and large-scale observational studies.


Tim’s teams cover the whole range of medical communication and education solutions. “My people excel in developing novel, tailored communication and education plans. To stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry, we are increasingly taking the blended approach of not only live and print solutions, but also e-learning and other interactive solutions. Combining this with our deep understanding of our clients’ markets and therapy areas, and our ability to deliver excellence, we aim to support clients in exceeding their objectives.”


How does he keep his people on top of their game? “They’re team players with a strong client focus and they take great ownership of their work,” says Tim. “Working with exciting products and teams from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world, and helping to educate healthcare professionals in making the most appropriate decisions for their patients, are huge motivations for all of us.”

Saskia Bijvank, Group Director

Saskia Bijvank is Group Director at Excerpta Medica. She brings considerable experience to her role, having held several client-facing and management positions within the agency over the course of the last ten years.


She began her career at Excerpta Medica on the marketing side of medical communications. After two years working on one of our largest international accounts, Saskia continued her career as a member of our Medical Department where she was involved in strategic communications supporting the launch of a product to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Although she has experience in many different therapeutic areas, the majority of her work as a medical advisor was in the areas of CNS and osteoporosis.


As a Program Director, Saskia coordinated a team of publication and meeting managers.


“Our work is a flexible jigsaw, a puzzle that needs solving. This is a people business and each individual in a team needs to give it their all.” Her team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of numerous medical education projects and scientific publications. With their breadth and depth of experience, they have developed a sixth sense for anticipating potential problems, an asset that serves them well when working to meet demanding deadlines for complex projects.


Saskia has two MSc degrees, one in biochemistry from the University of Amsterdam and another in biotechnology from the University in Delft in The Netherlands.

Mike Vuurman, Business Development Director

Mike Vuurman is Business Development Director at Excerpta Medica. Before joining the agency, he worked for Glaxo Wellcome where he oversaw the sales of gastroenterology and virology-related products for both the hospital and general practice markets. This role included developing and implementing extensive educational courses and disease management projects for prescribing physicians.


Later in his career, Mike became Business Manager, then Director of Operations, at the Dutch office of the Lewin Group (Quintiles); an international strategic healthcare consulting firm specializing in disease management and pharmacoeconomics. He joined Excerpta Medica in 2001 where, as Program Director, he has continued to develop and display his wide-range of skills in medical communication and project management.


“Medical education is evolving,” observes Mike. “The new thing is blended learning, combining traditional services with e-learning programs. My team is made up of experts in medical education who know how to optimize the learning process.”


Mike says the secret to executing successful blended-learning programs is a dedicated team who know how to work with thought leaders and client product teams. “Our people are highly educated and, what’s more, they’re motivated to meet the challenges of projects in a complex, international environment.”


Mike has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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